Restaurants Near Excel London

The Sunborn London’s Guide to Exquisite English Food

London’s Docklands may be famous as a thriving business hub, but it has just as much to offer for those looking for top dining destinations – you will find a range of top restaurants that serve some of the most exquisite English food in London.

Whether you’re visiting ExCeL London or heading to lunch from a meeting, you can satisfy your craving for true British food as there’s no shortage of great dining options to choose from.

Land’s End Restaurant is a prime example of a location that manages to provide a truly special dining experience to its guests.

It’s located on the only superyacht in the entire UK that is also one of the most luxurious hotels in London ExCeL docklands

The breathtaking surroundings immediately capture attention – the interior is reminiscent of a modern-day palace that happens to be conveniently docked near the up-and-coming business district of Canary Wharf.

As you get to the restaurant, you are immediately overtaken by the spectacular views that are available from the deck – you get the full view of the historic docks, the world-famous O2 Arena, and up and down the river Thames, which provide some amazing views of the city.

With such spectacular views, it’s no surprise that the restaurant aims to provide an elegant and tasteful experience.

A smart casual dress code is enforced in the restaurant, so guests with shorts, flip flops or sports clothing will not be permitted. This is enforced strictly to ensure that all guests have an exclusive experience when dining at the most luxurious yacht restaurant in London.

But while the décor and surroundings might be enough to warrant a visit, the food is still the main attraction.

Under the masterful guidance of Executive Head Chef Franck Katemesha, the only London floating restaurant creates some of the finest food in the entire district, and beyond.

Land’s End Restaurant at The Sunborn London Yacht Hotel skillfully blends traditional British, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines to create unforgettable dishes that can intrigue and satisfy even the most sophisticated of tastes.

The restaurant uses a blend of international ingredients that come to life in an always intriguing a la carte menu.

But even if you’re not interested in fine dining, you can still enjoy all the perks that come with a visit to the Land’s End Restaurant.

Every day, the restaurant offers an immersive Sunborn Afternoon Tea experience, where you can enjoy carefully-selected tea with a range of traditional finger sandwiches.

And if you’re craving something sweeter, you can’t go wrong with the sea-themed assorted cupcakes, signature chocolate brownies, mini rich butter fruit scones, or a range of our other delicious desserts.

So, the next time you find yourself in the Canary Wharf district, or at the ExCeL London, be sure to drop by the Land’s End Restaurant and experience one of the most unique fine dining experiences the city of London has to offer.