A Cinderella Wedding at London’s Only Yacht Hotel

Every bride wishes to have her perfect wedding in the most unique place possible. But finding the perfect wedding venue hire in London can be challenging. Luckily, now you can, in a lively Canary Wharf district in London.

Sunborn London is a five-storey yacht which is also London’s first floating hotel, perfectly situated on the water of the Thames river. The prestigious location of the Royal Victoria Docks allows you to enjoy the striking views across the capital and the world-famous O2 arena while having a fairy tale wedding celebration customised specifically for you.

At the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel, you’ll not only receive all the amenities of a luxury hotel but will be able to truly feel as if you were a real-life Cinderella.


A Fully Licensed Wedding Venue


A wedding day can quickly become overwhelming to you and your partner, but there is a way to make it less stressful.

Wouldn’t it be great to have both your civil ceremony and wedding reception in the same place? Well, you can, at the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel.

It’s a fully licensed wedding venue, so you can have the whole wedding experience all at once, which helps ensure that everything runs smoothly at every step of the way.

Furthermore, Sunborn London’s dedicated team specialises in creating the most romantic and bespoke weddings that can make your every wish a reality. The hotel even offers a special wedding package.

The price starts from £105 per person including a welcome glass of champagne, pre-dinner canapés, three-course plated dinner, coffee and tea service with petit fours, half a bottle of wine, one bottle of water, one flute of Champagne for the toast, wedding-night accommodation for bride and groom, and a separate preparation room for the bride.


Not A Traditional Hotel


How many people can boast that they celebrated their special day on a floating hotel?

Although Sunborn London Hotel never was intended to be sea faring, it still has the atmosphere of a traditional sailing yacht. As you board, the charm of a classic cruise ship immediately captures your attention.

You’ll find wood panelling, sweeping glass staircases, and gorgeous brass features, all of which serve to create a royal feel for your wedding.

Sunborn London provides you not only the amenities of a luxury hotel but also a unique experience for your special day with numerous event and entertainment spaces.

It’s a great alternative to the traditional wedding venues in London – the superyacht is the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom, and it can match up with any venue that you could find.


Spectacular Views


Finally, Sunborn London can provide some of the most spectacular views of the Canary Wharf and the surrounding area.

As you climb the curving stairs that lead up to the restaurant, you’ll be astonished by the majestic landscape of the Thames river, with the city’s skyline standing tall on the horizon, as well as the world-famous O2 Arena.

Even with all the luxury amenities and luxuries of the super-yacht, the 360-degree views from the deck might be the thing that leaves the most lasting impression. One thing’s for sure, as far as private venue hire in London goes, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that could match up with everything the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel has to offer.

Excel Arena Events Made Simple

When planning a visit to one of the many expos at the ExCeL London, convenience is a top priority. You don’t want to spend half of your day commuting to and from the expo when you could be attending presentations or meeting like-minded people.

But finding hotels near ExCeL London can be tricky, especially if you want it to check off all the right boxes.

Luckily, right on the docks next to the ExCeL London, there is a luxury hotel that can satisfy even the most exquisite tastes.


Introducing Sunborn London Yacht Hotel

For a truly unique luxury accommodation in London that’s also perfectly situated right next to ExCeL, you simply cannot go wrong with Sunborn London Yacht Hotel. As the name implies, it is an actual yacht that’s docked right outside of ExCeL London.

Sunborn London Yacht Hotel is the first floating luxury hotel in London and it can match up with almost any luxury hotel in the city.

In the stunning 400-feet long yacht, you will find all the amenities you’d expect when looking for luxury accommodation in London, including a Jacuzzis and saunas in the suites. Its wide-ranging amenities make it perfect for couples, but can be just enjoyable for the solo traveller as well.

All in all, it’s the ideal solution for those that want to enjoy a unique experience of staying on a luxury yacht while still just a few metres away from ExCeL.

But the amenities aren’t the only reason to stay at the Sunborn London.


Amazing Views

You’d be hard-pressed to find a luxury hotel with a more unique view than the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel. Situated on the London Docklands, it provides unforgettable sights of river Thames that reveal a unique perspective of the city.

Other highlights of the surroundings include the world-famous O2 Arena and the historic Canary Wharf area.

But just as in any famous luxury hotel, what might end up being the biggest attraction is the impeccable food. And that’s where Sunborn London really makes its mark.


Land’s End Restaurant

The Land’s End Restaurant, located at the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel, lives up to the standard that such a unique and special hotel sets for its dining.

You will find a unique and perfected blend of traditional British, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, which comes to life on the always intriguing a la carte menu.

And even if you don’t want the full dining experience, you can still find something at Land’s End that suits you.

At the restaurant, you can enjoy the daily Sunborn Afternoon Tea experience, during which you’ll be able to choose from a variety of hand-selected teas, paired with some exclusive snacks or desserts. The sea-themed assorted cupcakes are worth a visit on their own and can be just the perfect treat when paired with some delicious tea.